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BRAIN 2.0 PORTAL (PhOtotrophy on Rocky habiTAble pLanets)

Coordinator: E Javaux; PIs : E Javaux, Y Lara, M Gillon (Uliège Astrobiology) ; P Cardol (ULiège InBios) ; V Dehant, T Van Hoolst (ROB), L Noak (FUBerlin), F Selsis (Obs Bordeaux), M Turbet (Obs Genève)

ISSI Forum “Tracers” Portal

PI: Inge Loes Ten Kate (NL), co-PIs: Lena Noack (GE), E Javaux (BE)

NIOZ-UU call 2020 “The origin and diversification of eukaryotic metabolisms in light of Earth history - from the deep past into the future”.

PIs : Anja Spang (NIOZ); Prof. Dr. Berend Snel (Utrecht Univ), ext coll partner : Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle J. Javaux (Uliege, BE) ; additional partners: Dr. Paul Mason, UU; Dr. Rick Hennekam, NIOZ.

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FRS-FNRS PDR “Life in Archean coastal environments”

PI: E Javaux PI, co-PI: V Debaille

EOS ET-HOME (BE FRS-FNRS/FWO) : “Evolution and Tracers of Habitability on Mars and the Earth”

PIs: Debaille V (Ulb), Coordinator,  Claeys P (VUB), Dehant V (UCL), Goderis S (VUB), Javaux EJ (Uliège), Karatekin Ö (ROB-Royal Observatory of Belgium), Mattielli N (ULB), Robert S (BISA-Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy), Vandaele A C (BISA), Vanhaecke F (Universiteit Gent).

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EU FP7-ERC Starting Grant 308074 ELiTE: “Early Life Traces and Evolution, & Implications for Astrobiology”

PI: E Javaux

Mini-ARC PUMA (ULiège) : “Phormidium priestleyi, an impressive source of Undiscovered Molecules from Antartica”

PI: E Javaux, co-PIs: P Jacques (TERRA), A Wilmotte (InBios); postdoc: Y Lara

AGOURON Foundation (USA, Canada): “Eukaryote evolution in the Proterozoic of Arctic Canada”

PI: G Halverson, co-PIs;  R Rainbird, H Turner, T Schulski, J Brocks, N Butterfield,  C Hallman, EJ Javaux

NFSR PhD scholarship “Eukaryote evolution in the Proterozoic of Arctic Canada”

PhD student: Corentin Loron, Promotor: EJ Javaux

ICDP workshop and project  BASE: ”Barberton Archean Surface Environments, Moodies Group, BGB, South Africa”

PI: PI: C Heubeck, Jena University, Germany; co-PI: EJ Javaux, Liege University, Belgium; T Kakegawa, Tohoku University, Japan; M van Kranendonk, UNSW, Sydney, Australia; S Lalonde and M Homann Brest, France; J Marin-Carbonne, St. Etienne, France; P Mason, Utrecht University, Netherlands; M Tice, Texas A& M, USA; CGS & CIMERA Representative, Johannesburg/Pretoria, South Africa

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TDP 1308 EU COST Action ORIGINS: “Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth and in the Universe” 

PI: M Gargaud, 52 co-PIs (E Javaux, co-PI, Early Life and extreme Life working group leader, Belgian representative), 30 countries

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NFSR CDR “PROMESS: PRObing the Metallome of early Eukaryote microfoSSils to unravel their metabolisms”

Postdoctoral fellowship to MC SForna, Promotor: E Javaux

Marie-Curie co-fund (EU, ULiège), “Exploring the metallome of Proterozoic microfossils”

Postdoctoral fellowship to M-C Sforna,  Promotor: EJ Javaux

EXOMARS instrument CLUPI, the High-Performance Close-up Camera System on board the ESA ExoMars Rover

PI: Josset J.-L., F. Westall, B. A. Hofmann, Science team: J. Spray, C. Cockell, S. Kempe, A.D. Griffiths, M. Cristina de Sanctis, L. Colangeli, D. Koschny, D. Pullan, K. Föllmi, E. Verrecchia, L. Diamond, M. Josset, E. J. Javaux, F. Esposito, M. Gunn, A. L. Souchon, T. Bontognali, O. Korablev, S. Erkman, G. Paar, S. Ulamec, F. Foucher, A. Verhaeghe, M. Tanevski, J. Vago.

NASA Astrobiology Institute project “Alternative Earths: Explaining Persistent Inhabitation on a Dynamic Early Earth”

PI: T Lyons, University of California Riverside, USA (E Javaux, external collaborator)

NASA Astrobiology Institute project  “Foundations of Complex Life: Evolution, Preservation and Detection on Earth and Beyond”,

(PI R Summons, MIT)

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Theme II Paleontological, Sedimentological, and Geochemical Investigations of the Mesoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic Transition“ 

(PI AH Knoll, Harvard) (E Javaux, external collaborator)

ISSI Bern-Bejing “Astrobiology in the New Age”

Project Coordinator: Feng Tian (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China), co-I: M Gargaud, A Leger (FR), L Grenfell (GE), Y Hu, W Leng, Y Yang,  T Zhu (CH), EJ Javaux (BE), H Lammer (AT), Y-L Li (Hong-Kong), D Pinti (CA)

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