Lab Director


  • Alexandre Lambion


  • Dr. Brooke Johnson (Oxford UK) (Life in Archean coastal environments)-NFSR PDR postdoc
  • Dr. Yannick Lara (France) (Cyanobacteria signatures and evolution)-BELSPO BRAIN co-PI
  • Dr. Marie Catherine Sforna (France) (Metal signature of metabolisms in Proterozoic microfossils)-EOS postdoc
  • Dr. Corentin Loron (France) (Early evolution of crown group eukaryotes)-NFSR postdoc/now Newton fellow at University of Edinburgh

PhD students

  • Jérémie Beghin (Belgium)
    "Évolution et paléoécologie des eucaryotes au Néoprotérozoïque (bassin de Taoudeni, Mauritanie"
  • Catherine Demoulin (Belgium)
    « Biosignatures de cyanobactéries modernes et fossiles ».
  • Maxime Coutant (France) (pomotor: E Javaux, co-promotor: K Lepot-co-tutelle ULille)
    « Testing the biogenicity of putative organic microfossils from the Archean era with nano-petrography and microscale chemical analysis »
  • Nora Wasserman (Germany) (co-promotor: E Javaux, promotor: N Mattielli, ULB)    "Geochemistry of paleoenvironments before and after major Proterozoic geological events and implications for habitability and the biosphere"
  • Lucas Demaret (Belgium), (co-promotor : E. Javaux, promotor : G. Eppe-Molsys)
    « Detectability of organic molecules in solid mineral solution by Raman spectroscopy in preparation for space missions”

MSc students

  • Arnaud Vansteenkiste (Belgium),  "characterizing biosignatures in preparation for Exomars"




Recent Members

  • Marcella Giraldo, technician
  • Yohan Cornet (Belgium), PhD student,
    « Caractérisation morphologique, ultrastructurale et microchimique des acritarches du précambrien et implications pour l’évolution de la biosphère »
  • Samuel Domino (France), MSc student
    « Paleobiology of Ediacaran organic-walled microfossils and implications for the evolution of Eukaryotes"
  • Vincent Calers (Belgium), MSc student, now officer in Belgian Army
  • Dr Blaise Kabamba Baludikay (DRC), PhD student, now Professor at Unikin (University of Kinshasa), DRC
  • Dr. Camille François (France), postdoc, now executive director, Worlwide Geological Map, Paris
  • Dr. Dan Asael (Israel), postdoc, now permanent researcher, lab manager, Univ. Yale, USA
  • Dr. Luc Cornet (Belgique), PhD student, (co-promotor : E. Javaux, promotor : D. Baurain-InBios), now postdoc ULiège Agro-Biotech
  • Dr. Kevin Lepot (France), postdoc, now Maître de conférence, U Lille 1, France
  • Dr. Jean-Yves Storme (Belgiuque), postdoc,  now « maitre de conférence » UNamur & Belgian federal institution agent

long-term visiting researchers

  • Dr. Min Shi (China), postdoc (Janv-April 2018; May-July 2019), now professor, University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China 
  • Prof. Stepjko Golubic (Croatia, USA), invited Professor (6 mois, oct 2015-march 2016),  professor Boston University, USA 
  • Prof. Pavel Medvedev (Russia), invited Professor, (12 months, 2011), Precambrian research center, Petrozavodsk, Russia 

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